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villas in Greece are built in the most beautiful area of Halkidiki. Villas Greece are now available to buy. Villa in Greece is currently for sale and has views looking directly out to the sea - Villa Greece

Villas in Greece To Buy - Executive and Modern Villa In Greece - Halkidiki

Villas in Greece – Halkidiki

The executive villas and properties in Greece have a modern feel and are designed in order to create the conditions for a comfortable way of living and also of aesthetic perfection, of qualitative superiority and of perfect functionality that form the perfect image for a modern county villa in Greece or apartment. Buying/renting a villa greece is a unique chance for potential investors who are looking for executive real estate in Greece to invest on. The specific area of Halkidiki is located in a beachfront sea view with plane tree, olive trees and natural surroundings. The location of villas Greece was chosen for their extreme natural beauty. The low cost of the villas we offer in Halkidiki is a very important factor that can make you choose our modern villas in Greece and decide on buying land there. All luxury new villa properties have a stunning beachfront location. Our modern villas Greece maintain very high standards and include...

Wooden frames of doors and windows meranti
External doors massive meranti
Internal doors of oak
Stairs, roofs and floors of oak
Italian kitchen of oak
Two wardrobes of oak
Stone linings
Italian tiles of granite
Fireplace with granite lining
Electronic coffer
Installations of heating, air-conditioning, satellite antenna and alarm

Two parking places in covered parking
Wooden enclosure
Italian barbeque
Automatic irrigation
Time-switch in lights
Water tower of 1000 m³
Communal and private water supply
Draining work
Foundation rantie
Automatic door of car entrance
Landscaping with pebble paths.